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Today we're taking you back to the last days of the Second World War when a US warship was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Pacific Ocean. The sailors who survived the sinking spent four days adrift in shark-infested waters. Loel Dene Cox has been speaking to Alex Last about his horrific ordeal.莱芜翻译公司推荐阅读

"I went on duty at 12 midnight and we were hit probably about ten minutes past midnight. First torpedo's hit."

Loel Dene Cox, "L.D." to his friends, was on the bridge of the American warship, the USS Indianapolis when it was attacked by a Japanese submarine in the Pacific Ocean on the 30th of July, 1945.

"Whoom. Up in the air I went. Tremendous explosion. And I hit on the stomach on the steel deck and started to get up. And when I did I looked up and there was water, debris, fire. And then about the time I got to my knees, whoom, another one hit."莱芜翻译公司推荐阅读

The second torpedo fired from the Japanese submarine almost tore the ship in half. As fires raged below, the huge ship began listing onto its side. The order came to abandon ship. As it rolled, L.D. tried to jump into the water. He hit the hull and bounced into the ocean.