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But we start with Only God Forgives, the new film, starring Ryan Gosling,莱芜翻译公司推荐阅读 which when it premiered at the Cannes Festival, was simultaneously booed and cheered as the credits rolled. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who made Drive with Gosling as a getaway artist, the new film is a brutal revenge drama set in the backstreets of Bangkok. Gosling plays Julian who runs a Thai kick-boxing club as a front for a major drugs operation. When his brother is murdered, his crime boss mama arrives from the States to collect one son's body and send the other on a killing spree. Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling at the scene from Only God Forgives. Crime novelist Dreda Say Mitchell saw the film with me this afternoon. Dreda, this is variously a revenge drama, a very beautifully shot film, and a work of extreme violence, could you see the art through the gore?莱芜翻译公司推荐阅读

No, I'm sorry, if I was at Cannes, I would be one of the people booing. Yeah, and it's a great disappointment to me, 'cause their last collaboration, the director and the leading man, Drive was mesmerising and compelling. And this actually comes across as a student art experimentation film, where is about art, where is about the texture, where is about colour. But I'm sorry, film at the centre is essentially about story and character. If you can't get the narrative and the characters right, you're not gonna engage your audience. I was just not engaged. It was such an emotionless kind of experience. And if you look at the Ryan Gosling character, he comes across. He didn't say very much, but every time he did look at me he looked like "beam me up, Scotty" type face, you know.